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You can solve your climate related challenges with our solutions:

A little on our history

Climability Limited was established on October 8, 2021, by two climate specialists, Linda Ogallo and Tedd Moya Mose , with the goal of addressing the shortage of expertise in managing and reducing climate risks in Africa, and enhancing the continent's capacity to cope with the effects of climate change. The company was registered under the Companies Act (Cap. 486)

A look into our mission

Our mission is to empower African and other developing nations to navigate the challenges of climate change by offering expert legal, policy, and scientific advice. By equipping nations with the tools they need to build climate-resilient economies and societies, we aim to enhance their ability to thrive in a changing climate. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable development through climate change mitigation and advocating for policies that protect the environment and preserve the well-being of future generations.

A look into our vision

Our vision is to be a leading global company in enhancing climate resilience and accelerating the achievement of climate adaptation and mitigation goals. We strive to be the foremost climate change consultancy in Africa, offering scientific, policy, and legal expertise to provide innovative, practical, and cost-effective solutions to the challenges of climate change.

- Our Objectives -

Welcome to Our Sustainable Living Community! Our company is dedicated to helping you live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce your environmental impact. Whether you're interested in energy-saving tips, eco-friendly products, or sustainable living practices, we've got you covered. You can continue on the objectives.


Provide expert advice

To provide expert advice to governments and non-state actions (the private and third sectors) on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, carbon markets, renewable energy, ecosystem management, biodiversity conservation, climate technology, sustainable finance, and sustainable agriculture


Manage projects for diverse actors

To manage projects for diverse actors related to environmental conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, climate resilience and other sustainability-linked projects


Provide technical expertise

To provide technical expertise on climate related projects, promote capacity building and training initiatives to improve the understanding and management of climate change risks and opportunities across all sectors of society, including the public and private sectors, civil society, and academia.


Strengthen knowledge sharing on climate change

To strengthen knowledge sharing on climate change, contribute to the development and dissemination of best practices, facilitate dialogues and cooperation by diverse actors at local, national, regional and international level, including regional and international organizations.


Developing and implementing policies

To assist African nations in developing and implementing policies and regulations that promote sustainable development, protect the environment, and safeguard the well-being of future generations


Provide technical assistance

To provide technical assistance; conduct research, risk, and environmental assessments; and offer support to multilateral institutions, governments, corporations, communities, and other stakeholders in the preparation and implementation of climate change projects and programs, including deployment of innovative climate resilience technologies and mobilization and management of financial resources.

why us

Why Us?


Innovative Solutions for Climate Resilience

We prioritize practical and scalable multi-disciplinary partnerships to tackle sustainability challenges in developing nations.


Conservation for Sustainability

We recognize the significance of biodiversity, wildlife conservation, traditional knowledge systems, and ecotourism for achieving sustainability goals.


Ecosystems for Climate Mitigation

We highlight the role of ecosystems in mitigating the impacts of climate change, such as capturing carbon, and providing ecosystem services for sustainable agriculture.

- Sustainable Development Goals -

You can solve your climate related challenges with our solutions:

- How can we assist -

You can solve your climate related challenges with our solutions:
Climate Change Adaptation, & Resilience

We offer transformation pathways for adaptation to climate change to increase the resilience of public and private entities at all levels. Our approach is trans and multi- disciplinary helping determine risks and vulnerabilities and develop adaptation strategies.

Energy Law, Policy, & Regulation

We undertake research, analysis, and advisory work on the role of law, policy, and regulation in shaping sustainable energy systems, guiding the just transition to a low carbon future and designing the energy mix at sub-national, national, regional, continental and global level.

Finance, Investment & Sustainability

We guide corporates and other entities on developing sustainable business strategies and practices; diversifying their portfolio to align with sound financial goals and values; and sustainable investing.

Net Zero, Decarbonisation, & Science-Based Targets

We support the use of science-based targets in building net-zero strategies to neutralize any residual emissions and we offer resource and guidance to reduce barriers to adoption.

Communication, Facilitation, & Engagement

We help create communication strategies on climate change, to strengthen both internal and external communication and strengthen engagement with target users.

Climate Data, Innovation, & Technology

We provide sector specific support to accelerate the development, deployment and transfer of locally relevant climate technologies.

Climate Security

We conduct climate risk assessments to help generate context specific climate security pathways and response strategies including a conflict sensitive approach to adaptation and adaptation centered mediation response to conflict resolution.


We advise various entities (from governments to SMEs) on sustainable policy making and on effective, holistic, and representative decision-making among their stakeholders; enhanced executive accountability; business ethics; environmental risk mitigation; transparency; and how stay on top of ESG regulation and ensure compliance.

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why us

Meet Dr Linda

Dr Linda is a resourceful, highly dedicated, and goal-driven Climate Change Adaptation Expert with over 15 years of experience. With nearly a decade of experience focusing on climate change mitigation and adaptation, Linda has developed an enviable career record providing technical expertise in the international development sector. She possesses a deep understanding of the complex dynamics of climate change and poverty, disaster response and mitigation, and has an impressive track record in proposal development and project design, with experience in program management.

Dr Linda Ajuang Ogallo

Founder & Director

Meet Dr Tedd

Dr Tedd is a seasoned lawyer, academic, and international consultant with 18 years of transaction, advisory, strategy, and dispute resolution experience (15 PQE) in various areas of law, including International Energy Law & Policy, Climate Change and Sustainability, Innovation & Technology, Insurance, Risk & Compliance, Legislative Review and Drafting, Banking, Commercial, & Corporate Law, Capacity Building, and Stakeholder Engagement. He is also a founder and board member of conservation, agriculture, education, philanthropy, and technology ventures in the UK and EMEA.

Dr Tedd Moya Mose

Co-Founder & Director

why us

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